Where's My Refund: Check the Status of Your Federal and State Tax Refunds

                Every year, one of the most frequent questions we receive is, "Where's my tax refund?" If you are like most taxpayers, these extra funds are often allocated before receiving them. Knowing exactly when your tax refund will hit your account will help you plan ahead.

                Refund Status

                The following information is provided to assist individuals with tracking the status of their anticipated tax refund. All taxpayers want a fast response when they are expecting a state or federal refund. While the IRS and state treasuries are typically very efficient with distributing these, it is possible for an issue to occur. For this reason, it is important that taxpayers understand how to monitor the status of their refunds after submitting their state and federal tax returns.


                Using the IRS Where's My Refund tool:

                The IRS has instituted a simple method for checking the status of an individual's tax refund. "Where's My Refund" is what the IRS calls its tool which allows filers to check the status of their Federal Refund. In order to check this, you must have first filed your return and it must have been received by the IRS. Status updates are typically only made every 24hrs, so you may also need to wait at least one day after receipt of the return prior to using the IRS Where's My Refund tool.

                You can check the status of your refund by clicking the "Check My Refund Status" button below. Please note, in order to retrieve the information on your refund you will need to enter your SSN, filing status and the amount of your expected tax refund.


                Twenty-one days or less is the "stated" turn-around time in which a filer should receive their refund. However, in practice many refunds are processed much more quickly than this; some in as little as 8 days. For this reason, you may want to consider waiting until the 8th day before checking your tax refund's status. Keep in mind that federal return timeframes are based on the receipt date and those who file by mail should add time to this estimate.

                If you would like to check your status these are the items you will first need:

                1. Your social security number or tax ID number.
                2. The type of filing/marital status that was selected in the return (single, married filing jointly, head of household, etc)
                3. The exact refund amount you are anticipating, according to the tax return filling.

                The IRS' Where's My Refund tool can be accessed in three different ways. Online, over the phone or using the IRS app (available for most Android devices and Apple iPhone/iPad).

                Online, you can access information about your refund status by visiting to the webpage here - https://sa1.www4.irs.gov/irfof/lang/en/irfofgetstatus.jsp and entering the personal information specified above.

                The IRS Refund Hotline is also available for those who prefer to receive information over the phone. The tax refund phone number for this is 1-800-829-1954.?Please note, for assistance in locating possible lost refunds please see our page on?contacting the IRS. Finally, the IRS now offers a mobile app version of the Where's My Refund tool, which fillers can install and access on their Apple (here) or Android (here) devices.

                With each of these access methods refund status updates occur once every twenty-four hours, usually at night. Calling, checking online or with the app once daily is enough. Checking more frequently will not prompt a quicker status update.


                Where's my State Refund?

                Tracking Down State Tax Refunds:

                There are 43 states that currently collect income taxes. Residents of many of these states who expect a tax refund now too have a means to find information on the status of their state refund just as with their federal. Similar to the IRS, several states also offer a "Where's My State Refund" tool. It is important to note, that the various avenues available to individuals for finding information on their state refund status do differ by state.

                Tax refunds in individual states may also take longer to arrive in comparison with federal tax returns filed by mail or electronically. Most state governments issue refunds 21 days after receiving a tax return, some states may take even longer than this. Furthermore, some also take longer to issue refunds to first-time taxpayers. This is an important consideration for taxpayers who just moved to the state or taxpayers who recently started earning income and are filing for the first time.

                Like the IRS, most state government websites require the exact expected refund and the individual's Social Security number and/or tax ID to access information. Occasionally, a state may also require information from the prior tax year and either a zip code or full mailing address of the tax payer.

                Below you will find information for all 43 states on how to lookup the status of a refund. There are also phone numbers and addresses listed for the various state departments in the case that you need to contact one of them regarding a missing refund, question or possible error:

                State of Alabama DOR (Department of Revenue)
                Gordon Persons Building
                50 North Ripley Street Montgomery, AL 36104
                (334) 242-1099

                Arizona DOR Income Tax Refunds
                1600 West Monroe
                Phoenix, AZ 85007-2650
                (602) 255-3381 https://www.aztaxes.gov/CheckRefund

                Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration
                Ledbetter Building
                1816 West 7th Street, Room 2300
                Little Rock, AR 72201
                (501) 682-1100

                State of California Franchise Tax Board
                9646 Butterfield Way
                Sacramento, CA 95827
                (800) 338-0505

                Colorado DOR
                1375 Sherman Street
                Denver, CO 80261
                (303) 238-7378

                State of Connecticut DOR Services
                25 Sigourney Street
                Hartford, CT 06106
                (860) 297-5962

                Delaware Division of Revenue
                Carvel State Office Building
                820 North French Street
                Wilmington, DE 19801
                (302) 577-8200

                District Of Columbia OTR Customer Service Center
                1101 4th Street Southwest, Suite W270
                Washington, D.C. 20024
                (202) 727-4829

                Georgia DOR
                1800 Century Boulevard Northeast, #12000
                Atlanta, GA 30345
                (404) 417-6605

                Hawaii Department of Taxation
                830 Punchbowl Street
                Honolulu, HI 96813
                (808) 587-4242

                Idaho State Tax Commission
                800 East Park Boulevard, #500
                Boise, ID 83712
                (208) 334-7660

                Illinois DOR
                15 Executive Drive
                Fairview Heights, IL 62208
                (618) 624-6773

                Indiana DOR
                P.O. Box 40
                Indianapolis, IN 46206-0040
                (317) 232-2240

                Iowa DOR
                1305 East Walnut Street, #3000
                Des Moines, IA 50319
                (515) 281-3114

                Kansas DOR
                915 Southwest Harrison Street, #300
                Topeka, KS 66612
                (785) 368-8222

                Kentucky DOR
                501 High Street
                Frankfort, KY 40601-2103
                (502) 564-4581

                Louisiana DOR
                617 North Third Street
                Baton Rouge, LA 70802
                (225) 219-0102

                Maine Revenue Services
                51 Commerce Drive
                Augusta, ME 04330
                (207) 626-8475
                Refunds Status: https://portal.maine.gov/refundstatus/

                Massachusetts DOR
                436 Dwight Street, # 312
                Springfield, MA 01103
                (617) 887-6367

                Michigan Department of Treasury
                Lansing, MI 48922
                (517) 373-3200

                Minnesota DOR
                600 North Robert Street
                St. Paul, MN 55101
                (651) 556-3000

                Mississippi DOR
                P.O. Box 23050
                Jackson, MS 39225
                (601) 923-7801

                Missouri DOR
                Harry S. Truman State Office Building
                301 West High Street
                Jefferson City, MO 65101
                (573) 751-3505

                Montana DOR
                Sam W. Mitchell Building
                125 North Roberts, 3rd Floor
                Helena, MT 59604-5805
                (406) 444-6900

                Nebraska DOR
                P.O. Box 98912
                Lincoln, NE 68509?8912
                (402) 471?5729

                State of New Jersey Department of Treasury
                Division of Taxation
                P.O. Box 046
                Trenton, NJ 08646-0046
                (609) 826-4400

                New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department
                1100 South St. Francis Drive
                Santa Fe, NM 87504
                (505) 827-0700

                New York Department of Taxation and Finance
                State Processing Center
                P.O. BOX 61000
                Albany, NY 12261-0001
                (518) 457-5149

                North Carolina DOR
                P.O. Box 25000
                Raleigh, NC 27640-0640
                (919) 707-7500

                State of North Dakota Office of State Tax Commissioner
                600 East Boulevard Avenue
                Bismarck, ND 58505-0599
                (701) 328-7088

                Ohio Department of Taxation
                4485 Northland Ridge Boulevard
                Columbus, OH 43229
                (800) 282-1780

                Oklahoma Tax Commission
                2501 North Lincoln Boulevard
                Oklahoma City, OK 73194
                (405) 521-3160

                Oregon DOR
                955 Center Street Northeast
                Salem, OR 97301
                (503) 378-4988

                Pennsylvania DOR
                333 Walnut Street
                Harrisburg, PA 17128
                (717) 787-8201

                Rhode Island DOR
                Taxation Division
                1 Capitol Hill
                Providence, RI 02908
                (401) 222-1040

                South Carolina DOR
                1330 Howard Parkway
                Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
                (843) 839-2960

                Utah State Tax Commission
                210 North 1950 West
                Salt Lake City, UT 84134
                (801) 297-3996

                Vermont Department of Taxes
                133 State Street
                Montpelier, VT 05602
                (802) 828-2515

                Virginia Department of Taxation
                1957 Westmoreland Street
                Richmond, VA 23230
                (804) 367-2486

                West Virginia State Tax Department
                Taxpayer Services Division
                1206 Quarrier Street
                Charleston, WV 25301
                (304) 558-3333

                Wisconsin DOR
                2135 Rimrock Road
                Madison, WI 53713
                (608) 266-2772

                Q&A: What is the fastest way to get a tax refund?

                E-filing and choosing to receive your refund through direct deposit helps to expedite the tax refund process and get you your fastest refund without the use of expensive refund anticipation loans. At E-file, you'll get a confirmation of acceptance from the IRS within 48hrs. Once accepted, you can get your money in as little as 21 calendar days. In contrast, when you print and mail a return it can take as long as two months to receive your refund.

                Another way to help speed up your tax refund is to select a direct deposit instead of requesting a paper check. To utilize this, you simply need your bank name, account and routing number.

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